80’s music: top 100:61-70

VH1 has put together its list of the 100 Greatest Songs of The 80’s. Ok, this is quite the long list of songs. Maybe we’ll just give up halfway through, anyone sick of the 80’s yet? I’m getting pretty close, but then it doesn’t take much most days to get sick of some of these songs, but there are some good ones.

61 – Mr. Roboto|STYX
62 – Take My Breath Away|Berlin
63 – Whip It|Devo
64 – Straight Up|Paula Abdul
65 – I Want to Know What Love Is|Foreigner
66 – Just Can’t Get Enough|Depeche Mode
67 – Keep On Loving You|REO Speedwagon
68 – Fight The Power|Public Enemy
69 – It’s The End of the World As We Know It|R.E.M.
70 – I Love Rock N’ Roll|Joan Jett & The Blackhearts


Author: MusicalPirate

I am a digital media professional. I love photography, music, and design and pretty much all media.

3 thoughts on “80’s music: top 100:61-70”

  1. I’m not getting sick of the 80s. It’s fun to listen and think back.

    Do you think they’ll ever do a best 100 of the 90s? I don’t know if that era is as easy to define musically.

  2. Back in the 80’s I used tell people that Paula Abdul was my girlfriend, but she really wasn’t.

  3. Is it odd that even though I wasn’t alive for even half of the 80’s i can still play all of these 80’s songs in my head, including the one’s from your previous posts?

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