More Cowbell

This skit is becoming more and more classic every day. This originally aired in 2000 and is one of the most talked about skits in recent years, maybe THE most. Classic Will Ferrell. Well, this week Entertainment Weekly listed The Five Most Incredibly Awesome Examples of Cowbell in Song (scroll down for list) – So I decided I’d be the very slowest blogger on the planet to post the video, then post the EW list. Over at Wikipedia there’s an entry for the More Cowbell skit documenting the Comedy vs. Reality in the skit – and there’s even a List of rock and pop songs featuring cowbell for your perusal.

1. Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
Cowbell so strong I can even overlook all the random stuttering taking place.

2. Blue Oyster Cult’s (Don’t Fear) the Reaper
Nor do they fear the cowbell, judging by the approximately 8,327 times they use it here. (Why this is second on the list I’ll never know.)

3. Def Leppard’s Rock of Ages
What a kick-*ss intro. Now if only I could figure out what ‘Gunter glieben glauchen globen’ means.

4. Guns N’ Roses’ Mr. Brownstone
Forget heroin! What GN’R really OD’d on was cowbell, with eight songs from their debut rockin’ the bell.

5. EMF’s Unbelievable
The cowbell is actually less impressive than the fact that they scored a hit by sampling Andrew Dice Clay.

Bonus Track: Strawberry Alarm Clock’s Incense and Peppermint


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