Going to Graceland

30 years ago today Elvis was found dead at home in Graceland (Memphis, TN). Elvis is one of those people in music you really don’t have to talk about, his name just conjures up music. His music will forever be remembered as a defining shift in music and pop culture. I’ve just decided to post a few of my favorite songs from early to late in his career and hope that you enjoy them. The picture is one of my favorites, I think it captures a strange point in history when pop culture started to outweigh actual socio-economic values. Elvis wanted to a DEA badge, so he went with some story about being able to be of great value to the DEA with his dealings with those involved with drugs and the like.

That’s All Right|Elvis Presley
Mystery Train|Elvis Presley
Suspicious Minds|Elvis Presley
You Were Always On My Mind|Elvis Presley
In The Ghetto|Elvis Presley
This song was reportedly the last ever sung by Elvis:
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain|Elvis Presley
Bonus Track:
Graceland|Paul Simon


Author: MusicalPirate

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One thought on “Going to Graceland”

  1. Okay, so, I’m old, but I do like some Elvis music – not all, but some of it is pretty amazing – he did have a good voice.

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