Ute Stampeded (Rodeo)

I went to the rodeo this weekend. I think that’s a first since i was a kid and wore wranglers all the time and listened to Kenny Rogers and Alabama. My dad and I went with my nephew Ty. It was pretty fun and they had both kinds of music – Country and Western. The sound system was quite loud, I just don’t understand why they had to play it so loud you couldn’t talk to the person sitting next to you, yeah I’m probably getting old. Well here’s some music that I was thinking about yesterday, some of it’s country and some of it’s not.

Come on, you have to play this at a rodeo – they didn’t.
Rodeo|Garth Brooks
Heard this one yesterday for the first time and it may be the only song I’ve half-enjoyed by the group. (Probably because I was at a rodeo.)
Me And My Gang|Rascal Flatts
I suppose Toby Keith is the poster boy for Rodeo music, although he’s a Ford man and they kept trying to sell Dodges Saturday.
Should Have Been A Cowboy|Toby Keith
Beer For My Horses (With Willie Nelson)|Toby Keith
These two songs really don’t belong at the rodeo, but I kept thinking about them on Saturday. Jack and G. Love wrote this together and each has a version out there.
Rodeo Clowns|Jack Johnson
Rodeo Clowns|G. Love and the Special Sauce


Author: MusicalPirate

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3 thoughts on “Ute Stampeded (Rodeo)”

  1. Okay, you are getting old because I can’t believe you actually said the music was too loud. Hope you guys had fun. 🙂

  2. I went to a rodeo once with my ward for a youth conference thing in Manti. We ended up leaving early because the rodeo clown was being crude. I thought it was a pretty silly thing to do, I mean the rodeo clown was only part of the show. Maybe that’s a bad attitude to see it as, hmm, like how you wouldnt eat a sunday if there were a fly in it. I think I’ve been reading to many mormonads.

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