“When the Omni’s red, it means history’s wrong;
Our job is to get everything back on track.
Green light, kid: We did it!”

Voyagers! was quite possibly was my favorite show, at least from 1982-1983. I just heard today that it’s coming out on DVD on July 17th (next Tuesday). I’m very excited, I know this is probably gonna let me down on so many levels watching it, because there’s no way it will live up to my six year old self’s hype.
Strange story: I’ve always been one to forget the name of this show, although great memories of watching it. I was trying to explain the plot to my friend Brian while he started telling me about a show Cover Up which he liked as a kid, but couldn’t remember the name, but the reason he remembered the show was because his parents had made the point of telling him that the lead actor on the show had died playing with a prop gun on the set, he put it to his head and pulled the trigger joking around and the wadding from the blank cartridge shattered his skull and he died a week later, thus helping avoid children playing with guns. I looked the guy up on IMDb and found it was the same actor from Voyagers! (Jon-Erik Hexum) that I’d been trying to explain, creepy – very creepy.


Author: MusicalPirate

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One thought on “Voyagers!”

  1. I remember that day. That really was creepy. What are the odds that both of us were nastalgic about two totally different shows from the 80’s (both of which we had a hard time remembering) and they both ended up having the same guy in it. I still remember how bizarre that was when we tried to find the “guy who shot himself” on the internet and it brought up “Voyagers” too. Wierd.

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