Ok, so the five locks on Ethan Haas Was Right are all pretty fun. If you solve each, they show you a little video and then after they’re all over they say to meet back at the site on August 1, 2007. Here’s a little info on the locks:

1. Remember the game Simon?
2. You have to use the strange alphabet to spell a word.
3. That game where you jump the tees on the little triangle of wood.
4. This was hardest for me, you have to move the little orbs to light the three up all at once.
5. You have to work out a message then spell it using the same alphabet. (clue is in the video preceding this one.

It was a bit of fun, we’ll see if the buzz can hold up for a good movie.

There are a few walkthroughs I found when trying to solve the fourth puzzle, you can also find a trailer to the movie on YouTube amongst those pulled by the production company.


Author: MusicalPirate

I am a digital media professional. I love photography, music, and design and pretty much all media.

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