Who is Ethan Haas?!?

JJ Abrams is out to confuse people, or at least intrigue them to death. He has a new movie that may or may not be called Cloverfield – the trailer (very cryptic apocalyptic of New York, with sort of a Godzilla/War of the Worlds vibe crossed with Blair Witch) of which appeared before the new film Transformers . The trailer looks like it’s being pulled from the video sites, so I couldn’t find it to link for the viewers at home. There’s a viral website set up connected to the film – Ethan Haas Was Right. Which is a flash puzzle, which if solved you can find out more information about the movie, or like most JJ stuff, maybe you just get more questions. If you click on the star in the sky, you get an email to come up which if you send a message, you get this reply:
“If you’re receiving this auto-response message it means that I’ve gone into hiding. You should be careful now, too. They’re likely to start coming after all of us in an attempt to keep the balance of power in their favor. But remember, as our numbers increase as a group, the weaker they’ll become.

As you recruit new people to our cause, you might need to share this message as guidance for how to navigate the 5 locks to the key code…
1) The first lock will test your memory. Follow the trail of light and sound, but be careful — one wrong move will send you back to the beginning.
2) For the second lock, you may need to look to the stars. They will help you find HAAS who will lead your way.
3) The third lock will require you to extinguish all lights but one. Only with one light remaining will you be able to proceed.
4) The fourth lock will let you move all 4 pieces through the control of one. However, unless the three key pieces are simultaneously placed into position, you will not be granted access.
5) The fifth lock will be the toughest. Seek help again from the stars to reveal your key and the message that you must decode. The two working together will open the way.

Good luck.

I’ve gotten through the first three locks on the site, but will have to work on the fourth. There are a couple of other sites you can look at – Ethan was wrong & 1-18-08
The IMDB link for the movie – HERE – has limited info, but a release date of January 18, 2008.

Here is a viral video from YouTube:


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One thought on “Who is Ethan Haas?!?”

  1. That’s some heavy trickery going on. That trailer made even more of an impact on me that the “Transformers” movie did.

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