Cary Brothers

Cary Brothers has been making the circuit in Zach Braff soundtracks. This is some great acoustic indie-ish rock. It really does fit well with the vibe that is in most of Zach’s stuff. If you like the soundtracks to these movies, then you’ll really enjoy the new album Who You Are. All of these songs, except the live Yaz cover are on the new album, even though it was just released at the end of May and the Garden State Soundtrack goes back to August of 2004. I’ve been looking forward to this album for quite some time and I really dig it. You should check it out. Try out some of the songs, the covers are nice little acoustic versions of those crazy 80’s groups. Yaz was actually Yazoo in Great Britain, but there was some band in the U.S. with that name already, so they only changed it here, how’s that for strange.

Blue Eyes (from Garden State)|Cary Brothers
Ride (from the Last Kiss)|Cary Brothers
Honestly (from Scrubs, Vol. 2)|Cary Brothers
Only You (Live) (Yaz cover)|Cary Brothers
If You Were Here (Thompson Twins cover)|Cary Brothers

Bonus Track for Zach Braff fans:
Ode to Zach Braff|Super Secret Project
There’s even a video of this out there, so check YouTube, if you enjoy the song.


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