Soviet Kitsch

Here’s some lovely music from a Russing born songwriter who has made the NYC coffeehouse circuit and with the song Fidelity landed on the pop charts. She’s not all that pop-py, she’s rather more like Fiona or Tori, but with a pop hook that is usually missing from those ladies songs. I also enjoy those women, but here we have something that’s probably easier for the masses to enjoy.
Give Fidelity a listen, it really is a well-crafted tune as well as fun to sing along with.

From the 2006 album ‘Begin to Hope
Fidelity|Regina Spektor
On The Radio|Regina Spektor

From the 2004 album ‘Soviet Kitsch

Us|Regina Spektor
Carbon Monoxide|Regina Spektor


Author: MusicalPirate

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2 thoughts on “Soviet Kitsch”

  1. Hi. I hope Manti is working out for you. At least you are finally there. Thanks for the Regina post. I hadn’t heard the songs from Soviet Kitsch. I really like the piano/keyboard in her songs. Take care.

  2. So you finally made it to Manti. How is it? Hope you arent still living out of a hotel, the food sucks because you always have to eat out for one, and for a another it’s not your home. Anyway, hadn’t heard from you in a while and just wondering how you been. Oh by the way, I like Nora Jones better but Regina seems good too.

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