When Actors Sing Part 2

Music and Lyrics was a predictable chick flick, but it was still a nice little Hugh Grant movie. The surprising thing was that Hugh sang all of his own songs in the movie. The premise is that he was in an 80’s pop group Pop!. It makes for some fun little numbers. There are nods to lots of 80’s pop groups (Wham!, Duran Duran, Flock of Seagulls, etc.) Here are a few of the songs. The DVD comes out May 8, for those of you parents that don’t get out much.

Pop Goes My Heart|Hugh Grant (as Pop!)
Meaningless Kiss|Hugh Grant
Way Back Into Love|Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore
Don’t Write Me Off|Hugh Grant


Author: MusicalPirate

I am a digital media professional. I love photography, music, and design and pretty much all media.

2 thoughts on “When Actors Sing Part 2”

  1. I loved this movie. I think particularly because I got such a kick out of the music. I’ve been wanting to show John some of the songs. Thanks.

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