Catch and Release

OK, so I know I’ve been posting a bunch of soundtracks lately, but here’s another really good one. Catch and Release was a pretty good movie. Not your normal RomCom. Jennifer Garner(Sydney Bristow) plays a girl whose fiancee goes off skiing with the guys just before the wedding and somehow dies. The movie begins with the funeral and from here, our leading lady begins to find out she knew almost nothing about her fiancee – and her subsequent falling for one of his friends. I enjoyed the movie and how different from your average hollywood flick it really was. Sure it was boy meets girl, they sleep together, they fight over a misunderstanding, they get together at the end. Well, apart from that it was rather different from most movies hollywood is making. This soundtrack has a nice indie vibe and slightly more masculine than the Zach Braff ones, sorry, no offense at all to Zach.

A Nest For Two|Blinker The Star
Mornings Eleven|The Magic Numbers
These 3 Sins|Gomez


Author: MusicalPirate

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3 thoughts on “Catch and Release”

  1. So I haven’t seen this movie or heard the soundtrack so when I came across your entry about it today, I admit I was just going to give it a pass. But I’ve found a new song I liked! Thanks!

  2. I wanted to see this movie, but I forgot….maybe I’ll still catch it. Speaking of unusual movies – Dad finally finished Stranger than Fiction – interesting movie.

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