Lake House

So this isn’t the most up to date post, but deal with it. I saw the movie the Lake House in the theater with my sister and parents and really enjoyed it. Not often do you go to a PG movie and everyone you’re with likes the movie. There were however people in the theater with us who did not enjoy the film. There were a couple of women sitting across the aisle from us who during the climax of the film were laughing, this seems odd as it’s not really a comedy. Listening in to their conversation it became apparent that they in fact had no clue whatsoever to what was happening on the screen. They asked the couple in front of them if they knew what was going on, to which they got the response that they too in fact were clueless. This isn’t a difficult movie to follow and I felt sorry for these people as they should probably stay at home in case they aren’t able to follow their breadcrumb trail home. Well here are some songs from the soundtrack, which is a bit slow, but quite enjoyable.

Love the Eels.
Ant Farm|the Eels
Here’s a nice little song.
(I Can’t Seem To) Make You Mine|The Clientele
Nick Drake always has nice additions to any soundtrack.
Time Has Told Me|Nick Drake
This is my favorite of the bunch.
This Never Happened Before|Paul McCartney


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One thought on “Lake House”

  1. First of all, the Paul McCartney song in this movie was great. As for those peeple clueless in the theater, they should have gone to “RV” instead. More there kind of movie I would assume.

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