Thank You

I received a ‘Thank You’ card in the mail the other day. I don’t know that I’ve ever sent a single one of these out, to anyone, ever. I suppose I should, it’s very thoughtful to let people know whatever you write in these sort of cards. Christmas presents, birthday presents, just being nice all these things really deserve thanks on the level of actually writing it down. It’s not that I’m not thankful for these things, I’m just not much on taking the time. Well, here’s me saying thank you for all of the above. Here are a couple of songs for the day.

Thank You|Dido
Thank You|Alanis Morissette
Thank You|Boyz II Men

I was reading an article on about this years suns and how they can be compared to the great teams of the past and how they’re basically the only fun thing to watch in the game this year. It’s a great article, written by a celtics fan. Here’s the link for anyone interested. Thank you for the suns. A couple of interesting facts from the article:
According to STATS INC, the Suns rank in the top-3 in the following offensive categories:

Field Goals made (1st)
Three-pointers made (1st)
Free throw percentage (1st)
True shooting percentage (1st)
Two-point field goal percentage (1st)
Three-point percentage (2nd)
Assists (1st)
Assists/turnover ratio (1st)
Points per game (1st)
Fast break points (3rd)

They score 111 points a game, shoot 51 percent from the field, shoot 81 percent from the line, make 40 percent of its 3s.

With two reasonable breaks (Nash making the 3-pointer, Nowitzki missing the jumper), the Suns could be working on a 28-game winning streak right now.


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4 thoughts on “Thank You”

  1. Funny you title today – as I was clicking to go to your site I was thinking I can always count on good music here and I should Thank You!! Seriously – it was strange!

  2. Thank you. Moving around as much as we have over the past many years it seems that friends are hard to hold on to. I have a few that it doesn’t matter where you live you can still give them a call, or drop a line, but I think staying in one place has it advantages. The great thing about family is that they stay with you no matter where you go. The memories continue to build as time goes by and the family friendships just get stronger. Thanks Stephen, for being a friend. Thanks Whitney, Amy, and Candi for being friends. Thanks John R, John T, and Ben for being my friends. And most of all, thanks to my Shauna for being my best friend for life.

    Most of you know that Uncle John is dying of bone cancer. It was the result of a metastisis from the prostate cancer he was treated for 5-6 years ago. We have talked on the phone to Aunt Eleanor a couple of times this past week and hear the fear in her voice. If it wasn’t for the love and friendship of family right now he would be in a sad state. Cyndi and Sharon moved back in with them when they found out he had cancer. That is an interesting thing. They are neither one married and decided that they could be a support to their parents by actually being there. Aunt Eleanor told me last night that she couldn’t deal with this if it wasn’t for the prayers of her family and for having her children close beside her.

    On the opposite side of the spectrum I have a friend named Ralph. I hired him first at Bard and became his manager again when I went to work at my current company. He had to quit his job back in November because he found out he has kidney cancer that has now metastisized to his lungs. I have gone to his home and visited with him twice in the past month. He is struggling with the horror of cancer – chemo, hair loss, and lots of other bad side effects, but unfortunately he lacks two things – a close family and the Gospel. He is divorced and has a son who is in the area but not what you would call “close.” I received 10-15 e-mails from him each day because he is trapped in his little house in Magna without companionship or spiritual hope. Although he keeps his spirits up on the surface, I can only imagine how lonely he is.

    I’m thankful for my friends, who most of just happen to be family.
    Thank you.

  3. We love you, too, Dad. And being a family is a huge blessing. Thanks to you & mom for helping us be a close one.

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