Take You Back

I saw Rocky Balboa over the Holidays and I quite enjoyed it, despite some people thinking it was boring. It seemed he was paralelling the original Rocky which won the best picture Oscar in 1976. This wasn’t the action packed III or IV where there were multiple fights and alot of fun moments. This was more of a character study and a drive around Philly. The soundtrack highlights all 6 movies and is quite good, the one omission is that of the song by Sly’s brother Frank in III. If you remember the scene in III Rocky is walking around the old neighborhood and walks by some guys singing by a fire barrel. Frank is one of the guys singing (and one of the opponents in the movie) ‘Take You Back’ which Frank also wrote. This song starts out the new movie and is probably my third favorite “Rocky song”, only after ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and ‘Gonna Fly Now’. Here are those three.

Take You Back|Frank Stallone
Eye of the Tiger|Survivor
Gonna Fly Now|Bill Conti


Author: MusicalPirate

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2 thoughts on “Take You Back”

  1. I admit I’m one of the ones who thought it was boring. I just felt like Sylvester Stallone was just trying to make a little more money. I heard he’s making another Rambo movie also. LOL.

  2. it got pretty decent reviews, though. sorry I haven’t check your blog in ages. been blogging myself ;).

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