Obligatory Best of 2006

This isn’t really a post of the best music to come out in 2006, it’s more a best of what I posted of 2006, with some nice additions, I think.

Let’s start at the beginning, my first blog was posting the great song from Nacho Libre.
Hombre Religioso(Religious Man)|Mr. Loco

Guster had a release this year ‘Ganging Up on the Sun’, and despite posting some Guster, I neglected to mention this album. Let me give you a nugget from it to appease you. I didn’t enjoy this as much as the last two albums, but I do enjoy it and it is much better than their earlier releases, it still has that mellow yet upbeat sound that keeps me going.

Josh Rouse also had a nice little release this year with ‘Subtitulo’. His new Ep ‘She’s Spanish, I’m American’ featuring Paz Suay is available now on itunes. This song seems to be taunting us from the other side of the year.
Summertime|Josh Rouse

I did a fair amount of posting of songs from LOST this year, hopefully the losties will keep introducing us to new old music or just playing some great tunes. Here is one of my favorites of the “soundtrack”. P.S. Nikki & Paolo must die.
Wash Away|Joe Purdy

OK Go was one of my favorite acts this year. Despite the album coming out in 2005, it really made the big time this year. This is my still my favorite song, even though it’s not the cool treadmill video.
Oh Lately It’s So Quiet|OK Go

I came across this little nugget of musical goodness from the We Were Soldiers Soundtrack this year, despite it coming out in 2002 with two of my favorite artists.
For You|Johnny Cash & Dave Matthews

My neverending quest for more rarities by the Counting Crows has paid off with many great songs this year, here’s one for you from the soundtrack to Rounders.
Baby I’m A Big Star Now|Counting Crows

Lucero was my find of the year and not only did I find one great album, but they came out with a new one months after I found ‘Nobody’s Darlings’ (not to mention the great live DVD/CD ‘Dreaming in America’). This song is off of the new album ‘Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers’.
I Can Get Us Out Of Here|Lucero

Who can forget Halloween or Earl. Here is a song from not only the great episode with the car from ‘Smokey and the Bandit’, but the movie as well.
East Bound and Down|Jerry Reed

Badly Drawn Boy had a new album this year and despite his trying to make this sort of an epic rock opera, it has some pretty good songs on it. Try it out.
Walk You Home|Badly Drawn Boy

I didn’t blog about the Red Hot Chili Peppers new album ‘Stadium Arcadium’, but I’ve been listening to it alot lately and I really think it’s their best album yet. I think they have been developing musically with each album and this is no different. Enjoy this little ditty that has been on high rotation lately on my iPod.
Snow (Hey Oh)|Red Hot Chili Peppers

Johnny Cash had the best posthumous album of the year with ‘American V: A Hundred Highways’. All of the American albums are great, this one is no different.
God’s Gonna Cut You Down|Johnny Cash

‘Stranger Than Fiction’ was by far the best movie I saw this year, and it also introduced me to some of my favorite new songs:
The Book I Write|Spoon
Whole Wide World|Wreckless Eric

Have a Happy New Year!


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