Christmas In The Stars

Thanks to Robert for this post, he gave me the album. Speaking of Star Wars and Christmas, Christmas In The Stars was an album produced originally in 1980. It features Bon Jovi’s (John Bongiovi) recording debut, singing lead on ‘R2D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas’. The majority of this album’s original songs were written by Maury Yeston, a Yale University music professor who later wrote several successful Broadway musicals (Winner of the Tony Award for Best Original Score in 1982 (Nine), and 1997 (Titanic)). This album is very fun, if you are a big Star Wars fan or you’re like 6 years old, the age at which I was when the album came out. Enjoy.

Christmas In The Stars
The Odds Against Christmas
What Can You Get a Wookie for Christmas
(When He Already Owns a Comb?)

R2-D2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas


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