Star Wars Holiday

OK, the 1978 Holiday Special is one of the most talked about Star Wars rarities. The official Star Wars site even declines to mention that it was ever made. There are minutes filled with only Wookies speaking with no subtitles and there are great special guest stars. I remember watching this as a kid and even had strange dreams based on the wookies. If you are a real star wars fan, enjoy (it is the introduction to Boba Fett, if only in cartoon form). If you aren’t please don’t watch this, you won’t enjoy it. At all. George Lucas’s involvement in the special’s production was limited, and he was unhappy with the results. It has never been reaired or officially released on video, but has been widely bootlegged by fans.



If you want more of your favorite Christmas shows. Here is a list of 101 Classic Christmas Videos Online compiled for your Holiday enjoyment.


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