Christmas on TV

‘Tis the season to watch crappy made for TV movies and think about all those cartoons that used to be great when you were a kid. Joe Barbera, half of Hanna-Barbera, died at the age of 95 yesterday, this made me think of all those cartoons and since it’s the Christmas season I’m posting TV Christmas music.

This one is from the movie Elf, but we watched it on TV the other night and I think it will one day have the TV following of some of the great Christmas classics. I really enjoy this movie, despite those that don’t. Zooey has quite the voice, and my dad loves Leon Redbone.
Baby It’s Cold Outside|Leon Redbone and Zooey Deschanel

Here’s an oldie from the Partridge Family.
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town|The Partridge Family

Here’s Tom Hanks singing another movie song, but no doubt this will be on TV soon, if not already.
The Polar Express|Tom Hanks

Burl Ives singing one of my favorite Christmas songs. This one from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, maybe my favorite TV special.
Holly Jolly Christmas|Burl Ives

Frosty the Snowman sung by Jimmy Durante in the classic cartoon of the same name.
Frosty the Snowman|Jimmy Durante

This is probably the best music to come out of a children’s Christmas TV special. I never did much care for Chuck, but Snoopy and Woodstock were my favorite. The music in this special, like all Peanuts cartoons, is fabulous.
Christmas Time Is Here|Vince Guaraldi Trio (with vocals)

Crazy lyrics, but a good song, with a great message. This cartoon is much more Chuck Jones (director, animator) than Dr. Seuss, but this is a good thing.
Welcome Christmas

This is the only thing that came from the Jim Carrey version of the Grinch.
Where Are You Christmas|Cindy Lou Who


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4 thoughts on “Christmas on TV”

  1. I love Elf too. We must watch it every week between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I had wondered if there was a full version of Baby it’s Cold Outside with Zooey. Do your know if she has any more music out there? I really like her voice. It’s distinctive but not annoying.

  2. I thind Where Are You Christmas is an interesting song. The lyrics are so sad for a child. It sounds to me more like it should be sung by an adult, someone who’s having a hard time finding the magic in their life. But I guess then it wouldn’t be nearly as cute.

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