Incredible Singing Christmas Tree

Another great guest blog from John
Ok, so this is not the your typical Christmas album. It isn’t even one of those cool new alternative albums. No this is one for the kids. If you have kids and haven’t come across VeggieTales then you are really missing something. In a world of dumb, annoying, kids shows with no point VeggieTales is something that I can stand to watch and gives a good message. Anyway this album, The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree should really be listened to completely and in order as there is talking between the songs. Basically, this could’ve been made into a show but is only in CD form. The story follows the VeggieTale characters through auditions for their singing christmas tree. The songs range from silly to, as Julie puts it, sweet. Remember these are animated characters and so you need to try and appreciate the lyrics more than the sound.

The silly songs: Jingle Ka-Ching, Battling Kings
(note these two songs are in order so you can get an idea of how the story flows between)
Sweet Songs: Was He A Boy Like Me

Bonus Silly Song – not on album: Oh Santa!


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