a Very Special Christmas

a Very Special Christmas is another set of compilation Christmas albums that go to a worthwhile cause. This cause it the Special Olympics. These are very diverse albums and there isn’t a one that I’d really want to throw in the old CD player and just listen, even for a party atmosphere. Maybe you would, and if you would these are good quality albums with a good cause. There are five different albums at this point, three of which are just varied mixes, one live and one acoustic. Over the years I’ve come across some of my favorite “new” christmas songs from these albums. Here are a few of them (other than the ones I’ve already posted).

1. Gabriel’s Message|Sting
From VSC 1. Here is an amazing original by Sting, one of my very favorite Christmas songs.
2. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)|U2
From VSC 1. This is one that has been covered by any number of artists, but I do enjoy this one.
3. Oi To The World|No Doubt
From VSC 3. Another great original Christmas song, but not of the mellow type.
4. Christmas Is Now Drawing Near At Hand|Steve Windwood
From VSC 3. This is an old English carol and I love this version, great lyrics.
5. Little Red Rooster|Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
From VSC 5. Great blues numbers, just fun.


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