Thanksgiving time

I’ve notice alot of people lately just skipping right over thanksgiving with their decorations and thoughts going from Halloween to Christmas. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and am the first one to break out the collection of music that goes along with it. Yes, I’ve already been listening to it for a while now. I can say that it’s because I’m getting together some music to post and make cd’s for the family, but I just really enjoy the music. The lights for Christmas should always be put up after Thanksgiving day, this should be a law enforced by patrolmen. They should be able to write tickets to those that turn on their Christmas lights before Thanksgiving Day. Putting them up, or even leaving them up should be legal for those going out of town or want to get an early start, but not turning them on. OK, that’s my rant for the week.

Secondly, I’ve been interested in what people find “Traditional” Christmas music. I know to some it’s the Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters version of stuff, but to some it’s the stuff on TV (Rudolph, Frosty, Grinch, etc), and to others it’s the album they’ve listened to the last two or three years. Whatever your tradition, that’s “Traditional” Christmas music to you. A few years ago I started buying a new Christmas CD (or at least one) each year. Some of these have become part of what makes me get in the Christmas mood, moreso than snow or pumpkin pie.
What gets you in the Christmas mood; What type of songs get you in the Christmas mood; And better yet, what is your favorite Christmas song?
Now to be hypocritical, here’s a Christmas/Thanksgiving song. This song is often used as either day, so get you in both the Thanksgiving and Christmas moods.

Over The River and Through the Woods|The Andrews Sisters and Danny Kaye


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3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving time”

  1. Well said! Let’s get a petition out for the christmas lights officer :).

    I think nostalgia plays a big part in my favorite christmas music. I like to hear the new stuff every year, but I love the old favorites that trigger memories of putting up the tree, etc.

    old favorites:
    “white christmas” by bing crosby
    all the old motab 8track
    “rockin’ around the christmas tree” (reminds me of dancing in a parade when I was little-maybe copycats?)

    (somewhat) new favorites:
    all the harry connick stuff (from when my heart finds christmas, I didn’t care for the newer album)

  2. I am so with you on this! NO lights, etc. before the day after Thanksgiving!!! But, I have been sneaking some music, too -you started it with the old Lawrence Welk music – I have LOVED being able to listen to it, once again. I have always felt one of the problems of skipping Thanksgiving is the lack of Thanksgiving music – seriously! Didn’t I always tell you to have Mormon Youth burn a Thanksgiving CD?!? It would help people not jump the gun!

  3. revision: So, I’ve had Christmas songs running through my head now-thanks :). Anyway, the parade song was “Jingle Bell Rock”.

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