Stranger Than Fiction

I watched Stranger Than Fiction this weekend and I very much enjoyed it from start to finish. The crowd was filled with people expecting a Will Ferrell movie and despite a great performance by Ferrell, this wasn’t Talladega Nights or Elf. Ferrell plays the straight man throughout this movie and it is just wonderful. Emma Thompson is wonderful as always as is Dustin Hoffman. You should go watch this movie. The only thing keeping this movie from being PG is a couple of words and Ferrell and Hoffman walking through a men’s shower, so be prepared for a few mens behinds. Ferrell sings a song in the movie that I immediately had to find and listen to another twenty times after seeing the movie. The whole soundtrack looks good, but for now listen to Spoon, until we can find a copy of Ferrell singing it. UPDATE: I’ve been informed that i’ve been grossly erroneous in my post. Although I quickly found this song and enjoyed it thoroughly, I believe the song that Ferrell sings is the second song posted (thanks to carrie for pointing this out), by Wreckless Eric. Both songs are included on the soundtrack, but it is the Second song that is sung during the movie by Ferrell. Forgive my ignorance and enjoy both songs. The first is played during the credits and was fresher in my quickly diminishing memory.

The Book I Write|Spoon
Whole Wide World|Wreckless Eric


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