BNL are Me

The Ladies were on NPR last month to promote their new album Barenaked Ladies Are Me. The new album was good to hear and sounds a bit like their last couple of albums. Even though it has been released on their own indie label, this isn’t another Gordon, unfortunately. Their live stuff is always good and I have to say they are probably the best concert to which I’ve ever been and I’ve since seen them again and would love to again and again. Along with songs from the new album they played a few of the older songs: Some Fantastic and Old Apartment (and their minor hit ‘One Week’). You really should head over to NPR and check out their live shows for some new music as well as some older groups playing live at the World Cafe for some great free streaming shows.

Bull in a China Shop|BNL
Sound of Your Voice|BNL
Some Fantastic|BNL
One Week|BNL
Wind It Up|BNL
Old Apartment|BNL

To listen to the entire set, complete with witty banter from the Ladies, head over to NPR ->CLICK HERE!
To download all of the songs above in a nifty zip folder CLICK HERE


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