Elliott Smith

I was discussing Elliott Smith this weekend with my brother-in-law Ben. I’m not the most knowledgeable person about Elliott, but I’ve been enjoying his work for many years. I can remember watching Good Will Hunting in Phoenix and hearing him for the first time. His song Miss Misery was nominated for an Oscar as Best Song. His music fit well in the movie about someone dealing with childhood abuse as Elliott did. He also battled depression as well as alcohol and substance abuse throughout his life. These are common themes through his music. He was a big fan of the Beatles and you can hear it as his music progresses. While recording his posthumous album From a Basement on the Hill he was listening to the White Album and I think you can hear the influence.

from Good Will Hunting and the first I heard of Elliott
Miss Misery|Elliott Smith

from his first album, Roman Candle, which came out in 1994;
“everyone is gone home to oblivion”
No Name #3|Elliott Smith

This song was on the Good Will Hunting Soundtrack, but it also appeared on his album from the same year Either/Or. This is probably my favorite song by Elliott.
“the things you could do, you won’t but you might the potential you’ll be that you’ll never see the promises you’ll only make”
Between the Bars|Elliott Smith

This song is off of his 1998 album XO.
“for someone half as smart you’d be a work of art you put yourself apart and i can’t help until you start”
Baby Britain|Elliott Smith

This song was on a recent soundtrack and it’s a cover of a Big Star song, like many deceased artists, there are many songs surfacing since and this is a good example.
Thirteen|Elliott Smith

Bonus Track: I’m a big Ben Folds fan and this song, to Elliott, is from his newest album Song for Silverman.
Late|Ben Folds


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