Lost Songs, Season 2 pt. 1

Mural from inside the Hatch

In preperation for the upcoming Season 3, I’m posting songs from or referred to in Season 2. There were things about Season 2 that I liked better than Seasons 1, but there were things I disliked more than Season 1. I think the show was better, growing, staying true to the feel of the first. These songs help bring out the beauty and depth of the characters and become recurring themes, I think we’ll see some of these in the upcoming season.

The track listing to the following soundtrack was gleaned from the Lost Hatch a site that takes you through anything you missed and links up characters and all that good stuff. Take a gander if you are interested in more stuff and clips from the show both audio and video.

This is such a great song on its own. The words and music are perfect for a new person and a new place.
Make Your Own Kind of Music – Mama Cass Elliot

Hurley a kid in a candy store.
My Conversation – Slim Smith

Hurley and Rose, good stuff, good song.
Up On The Roof – the Drifters

Not my favorite Billy Joel, don’t get me wrong I love Billy, but this isn’t top of any of my lists of his songs. Does fit Hurley though.
Easy Money – Billy Joel

Shannon must be a fan of DMB also, still not my favorite character.
Dave Matthews Band – Stay (Wasting Time)

Not my favorite song for my least favorite character. Ana-Lucia
Outside – Staind

Kate – Patsy Cline. Recurring artist when Kate is around. I think it’s very fitting for Kate.
I Go Walking After Midnight – Patsy Cline

Same episode as the previous song.
The End of the World – Skeeter Davis

Charlie sings this song while fishing, it’s playing in his apartment a couple episodes later.
He’s Evil – the Kinks

This one is for Hurley and Charlie, even if Sayid thinks it’s depressing.
Fall On Me – Pousette Dart Band


Author: MusicalPirate

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One thought on “Lost Songs, Season 2 pt. 1”

  1. Happy birthday! We really miss you over here.
    John and I are really enjoying lost. But I’m afraid to look to closely at anything season two related because we just started it. I agree with Amy’s earlier comment that it is creepy and scary, but I’m totally hooked on the story. Some of the characters are driving me crazy. But I imagine that is how it would really be if I were trapped on an island with 40 other people. There would be people I love and people that drove me crazy. We watched Swiss Family Robinson with the kids the same week we started Lost. I kept thinking for the first several episodes come on buily yourself some cool shelter like a tree house.
    Your music is definitly broadening my horizons since I mostly just listen to Disney music with the kids.


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