the Format

The Format is a group I’ve been getting into lately, they are a Peoria band and they are somewhere in the Indie rock realm. They describe themselves as ‘Desert Pop’ and take their influences from 60’s music; Some say that seeing them live is like watching an Indie small crowd version of Queen. I don’t know about any of that, except that I really dig this group. I suppose some would compare these guys to the Shins or even the All-American Rejects. Draw your own conclusions.

This song is what sold me on the group, upbeat happy summery stuff. I know, I don’t usually like ‘happy’ ‘pop’ music, but hey it’s good, get over it.
The Compromise – The Format

Ok, you know I was gonna find a sad slower more depressing track, here it is – off of their 2002 EP ‘EP’.
At The Wake – The Format

This is the title track off of their 2006 album ‘Dog Problems’ – good stuff.
Dog Problems – The Format


Author: MusicalPirate

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One thought on “the Format”

  1. Not bad. A bit to tame for 60’s though.

    It does sound a little like some of the British stuff not too far from Herman’s Hermits or Davey Jones….

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