Lost Songs, Season 1 pt. 2

I’m almost finished watching Season 1 for the second time. I am liking characters I didn’t like quite as well the first time, well at least some of them, and enjoying the ones I like even better this time through. The characters are so deep, again at least most of them.

I don’t want to give anything away with posting the music. I will not post any spoilers of any kind, and I’ll wait a bit to start posting Season 2 songs. I really do enjoy the selection of music on this show more than almost any other. I have enjoyed tracking down the songs and think there should be a soundtrack other than just the score, although that is very good also, I just don’t usually get in the mood for ‘island’ music.

This is a great song and I was glad to hear it on the show.
I Shall Not Walk Alone – Ben Harper & The Blind Boys of Alabama

This is for Claire.
Catch a Falling Star – Perry Como

It’s not often I enjoy Shannon, but I do enjoy this song with she and Sayid; And this is a great ‘island’ song.
La Mer – Charles Trenet

This was one of my favorite new songs before I saw it on lost, but who knew Hurley had such great taste in music, and this was one of my favorite scenes from Lost. This to me is the theme song for all of the first season.
Delicate – Damien Rice

This is also by way of Hurley. Who doesn’t just enjoy every time Hurley is on the screen?
I Got You (I Feel Good) – James Brown

This one is for Sawyer, he grows on you, at first like a fungus, then you start to actually like him. maybe. kinda. This song is also a beautiful theme of the show.
Redemption Song – Bob Marley


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2 thoughts on “Lost Songs, Season 1 pt. 2”

  1. Lost if one of those shows that I watch because I’m so intrigued but I wonder why I’m watching it because it’s so freaky at the same time. I’m excited for season 3.

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