Lost Songs, Season 1 pt. 1

Well this is part one in a series of posting the songs from Lost to get us all ready for the upcoming third season of televised crack. If you haven’t watched Lost then don’t start. You’ll be addicted and you’ll enjoy every minute of this show. Possibly the best show ever created. Mostly, this show has a great score that provides the swells in the tides of the shows drama. There is an occasional song and it is usually during one of the cheesy montages or happy poignant moments at the end of the show when everything is going ‘our’ way. I’ll try and keep tracking down more as I go through, and it will be chronological with the show, cuz that’s how we do things.

These are great nuggets of songs, and I’m very glad we’ve been introduced to them through this show. I would love the show even if these weren’t the best songs in the world, but like Alias these are great shows that not only elevate the show, but have made me go out and find the songs and be introduced to new artists or new songs by old favorites. I hope you enjoy these as I do.

Who doesn’t love this song ?!
You All Everybody – Driveshaft

This one’s for Kate
If You’ve Got Leaving On Your Mind – Patsy Cline

Sounds like the island picked this one
Wash Away – Joe Purdy

Charlies tatoo
Strawberry Fields Forever – the Beatles

Another great song at the end of an episode
Are You Sure – Willie Nelson


Author: MusicalPirate

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4 thoughts on “Lost Songs, Season 1 pt. 1”

  1. I haven’t become a LOST fan due to the fact that I missed too many episodes and didn’t want to see pieces. One of these days I’ll catch up.

    I started recording all of the NUMB3RS this week.

  2. Julie and I have just started LOST. We get disc 2 tonight! Weeee! Anyway, thanks for the post. After the episode with ‘Wash Away’ I looked at Julie and said. “I wonder who sang that. It was pleasant. I should ask Stephen.” So, thanks for answering me. 🙂

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