"Our Song"

So what with my parents anniversary and my moms birthday both being upon us, it got me thinking about their songs, as in “Their Song”. These are a few that floated to the top of my memory. Which songs came to your mind? The ones I though of are all very cheesy teen love songs, but well if the shoe fits. Not to put these songs down, they are very romantic (for cheesy teen love songs).

Let it be Me the Everly Brothers
Sealed With a Kiss Chad & Jeremy
P.S. I Love You the Beatles
addendum by popular vote:
Can I Have This Dance Anne Murray


Author: MusicalPirate

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9 thoughts on “"Our Song"”

  1. Ah – for Mom & Dad, I always think of “Could I Have This Dance” by Anne Murray.

    Songs that remind me of Ben are “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. Cheesy, yes :). Also, an obscure song called “Kangaroo” by This MOrtal Coil (you should check it out, Stephen, I think you’d like it). Also, “For Emily” by Simon & Garfunkel. Ben says “Linger” by the Cranberries reminds him of me :).

    Now you’ve made me feel all sappy, will have to dig out old music now…

  2. “Glory of Love” and “Everything I DO” ? Not sure about that title but the one by Bryan Adams. Very sappy songs.

  3. okay, made me cry! Of course – being married for 40 year we have lots of songs – all sappy, but ours! Thanks, sweetie!

  4. Thomas said if this is what music was right now he wouldn’t have bought an ipod. It should be illegal to listen to such things.
    Kat!e said: I liked P.S. I Love You the best, Sealed With a Kiss was really cheesy but I liked it, and Let it be Me was very romantic but I personally felt it was boring.
    Renee’ said: I liked P.S. I Love You the best.
    Ty said the entire experience was boring! It was BAD music.

  5. It is true that “Could I Have This Dance” is considered our song. It came to be a few years later, though. Originally it was PS I Love You due to a couple of summers apart and lots of letter writing.

  6. …I got too involved talking to the grands about the music – I did tell them about the pic! A blind date on a Saturday night to a science fiction movie (something and godzilla…)was how this all began!

  7. Meant to comment on this last week – EVERYONE knows that Mom & Dad’s song was “Sealed with a Kiss” and that’s why they gave me the initials I have… SWK (and now L – cause a lick made it stick)… I think “Could I Have This Dance” sort of BECAME their song after that….?

  8. For assorted reasons, “Glory of Love” was John’s and my song… but Mom always thinks it is “Somewhere Out There.”

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