In My Room

I was raised on the Beach Boys, thanks to my dad. They also were my first concert in Jr. High (also thanks to my dad) in probably 86 or 87. I still love the Beach Boys and they will always be a great summer group to listen to. My oldest sister said that the song “In My Room” was depressing, I had to disagree (her husband sided with me). Tell me what you think, is this a sad song? a depressing song? To me it has always been a song of quiet, but needed solitude. I can be a very solitary person though. What do you think?

I’ve also posted a cover from the ‘Friends’ TV soundtrack just to mix things up.

In My Room the Beach Boys
In My Room Grant Lee Buffalo


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5 thoughts on “In My Room”

  1. I always thought of “In My Room” as a soothing kind of relaxing song. Whitney must not like her room.

  2. from Camp Renaissance the vote is:
    Kat!e – I agree with Amy, simply time to yourself and peaceful. I like it- but I love Beach Boys! =P
    Thomas – One word: Soothing, but I still don’t like the Beach Boys!
    Renee – very relaxing and mellow.
    Rob already left Camp and Ty didn’t listen to the song – of course I LOVED IT!!!

  3. “In My Room”, from what I understand, is supposed to be a song about your safe place.

    Brian Wilson said, “I had a room, and I thought of it as my kingdom. And I wrote that song, very definitely, that you’re not afraid when you’re in your room. It’s absolutely true.”

    However, “The Warmth of the Sun” is a surprisingly depressing song when you think about the context in which it was written, which was immediately after Kennedy was shot.

    I absolutely love both of these songs, on their own, and as foreshadowing for the deeper Beach Boys music to come.

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