Mmmm, Nachos

I went and saw Nacho Libre with my dad last week. I know alot of people didn’t review this movie very well. I have to say that growing up in rural Arizona did add to the humor of the situation. That music also added to the overall impact the movie had and it’s sad to say that there isn’t a Nacho Libre soundtrack, so it took quite a while to track down the main song from the movie: sung by Mr. Loco. So if you have any pull you should contact the powers that be and let them know we need a soundtrack. Here’s a bit from the song.

Religious Man – Mr. Loco


Author: MusicalPirate

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2 thoughts on “Mmmm, Nachos”

  1. I get to be your first comment. I agree with you completely. Funny movie but without the music I don’t think it would have half as funny. That was a one of those rare movies where I walked out saying “Good times. Now where can I get the soundtrack”. Good luck with the blogs.

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